Where Are They Now: Chuck Erickson

During his time at North Dakota State, Chuck Erickson was the undisputed leader of Bison baseball, racking up career records while starting every season he was on campus.

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During his time at North Dakota State, Chuck Erickson was the undisputed leader of Bison baseball, racking up career records while starting every season he was on campus. Since graduation, Erickson has found his calling as a carpenter and coach.

Years: 1978-1982

The latter of those two callings involved Erickson helping out with coaching his children, Charlie (now 32) and Heidi (now 28) as much as possible, whether it was baseball, softball or even hockey!


Erickson has been married to his wife Jeanne since 1987.

What has your career looked like over the years?

I started building and being a carpenter for Bob Footitt Construction until I was about 25. Then, I worked for Roers Construction until I was about 30. For the last 20 or 25 years, I’ve subcontracted with Floor To Ceiling Carpet One and Western Products with Western Products taking up the last 10-15 years, mostly installing kitchen cabinets.

How did you find your path as a carpenter?

I did construction in the summers in college and I just kept going. I liked just going and not looking at the clock. My days just seem to fly by. I also really like seeing the finished product.

Was baseball a big source of bonding between you and your kids?

We bonded overall sports. My son did play baseball when he was younger, and I helped coach him in baseball and hockey, but he ended up getting more into golf as he got older.

And I was never really much of a Major League Baseball addict. I just loved playing and I loved the practices way more than any other sport. I loved just talking to my buddies and shagging balls.

What else did you and your children do as they were growing up?

Sports really kept us pretty busy for the most part, but we did spend a good amount of time going to my parent’s lake cabin until they got too busy for that.

What are your children up to these days?

My son is here in town. He worked in Arizona for eight years at a golf course, but he has been helping me these last four years—he had a son a couple of years ago so we’re really glad they’re back. Right now, my daughter is in Topeka, K.S. working on her Ph. D.

What has been your favorite part about being a father?

I’ve really loved all of it. I’ve loved watching them learn and grow and play and succeed and fail. I enjoy all of it. I miss driving them around to their events.

I miss driving a car full of kids to a state hockey tournament, stuff like that.

What other hobbies have you picked up over time?

I got more into golf when my kids did. My son likes to fish so I’ll go with him occasionally. He likes it more than I do, I wouldn’t call myself a fisherman, but I enjoy going with him. I like going on walks with my wife. I’m still a big sports fan and enjoy watching Bison football and basketball. I also really enjoy following high school sports. It doesn’t matter what it is, I love watching it.

Chuck Erickson’s NDSU Athletic Achievements

2X NCAA Division II All-District IV selection

2X All-NCC

Four-year starter

Set 12 career hitting records (hits, at-bats, triples, home runs, runs scored, RBIs and stolen bases)

Bison Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

Where Are They Now: Chuck Erickson
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