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The Mostaert Monsters

The Mostaert twins are, without a doubt, a couple of monsters on the NDSU defensive line.

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The Mostaert twins are, without a doubt, a couple of monsters on the NDSU defensive line.

The sophomores from Lakeville, Minnesota, at the time of writing this article, have a combined 9 sacks (3.5 for Will and 5.5 for Eli) and 10 tackles for loss (3.5 for Will 6.5 for Eli), putting both brothers squarely in the top three for both categories on the team.


And they’re only getting better.

Eli, who was named to the Hero Sports Freshman All-America Team in the spring season, has already bested his spring numbers in sacks while tying last season’s tackles for loss number. Will has enjoyed a breakout campaign this fall after playing mostly in a reserve role this past spring.

Why did you guys end up choosing NDSU?

Eli: Great culture, championships, the coaches were amazing.

Will: We liked the campus. It’s not too big and not too small.

Eli: And it’s a really great family-oriented program that they have here

Was there ever a thought about the two of you going separate directions in college?

Eli: There was a little bit, but not much. I was a preferred walk-on originally, but I eventually got an offer from the coaches after Will had already committed. I didn’t have a very good camp when I came here, that’s why he got the offer and I didn’t.

How competitive were you two with one another growing up?

Will: We were extremely competitive with one another.

Eli: Anything, you name it, we were competitive with it.

Will: We’d turn everything, from skipping rocks to whatever, into a competition.

Eli: We would be playing board games and screaming at each other.

Will: Then our parents would be yelling at us.

Eli: A lot of our one on one pickup games for basketball ended badly.
Whoever lost was pissed. It always ended in an argument and our parents
yelling at us.

How has that carried over to NDSU? Do you still get after each other in position drills and whatnot?

Will: Yeah, sometimes we do in games as well. It’s really not good for us (laughing).

Eli: Like against Towson, I was having a pretty good game and he was getting mad saying I was taking all of his tackles from him.

Will: I was not. That is not true.

Eli: Yes you were.

Will: No I wasn’t.

Eli: Yes you were.

Will: Whatever… Some guys have to separate us sometimes, but it’s good for the sport. It’s good to be competitive.

Is there a positive side to that?

Will: Definitely, when we were younger, we’d play in two on two basketball tournaments with each other and always had really good chemistry. That has just carried over into football.

The Mostaert Monsters
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