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As the lone senior on this year’s Bison golf roster, Alexis Thomas is just enjoying the ride.

As the only senior on the roster this season, how have you taken on a leadership role within the team?


We definitely have our upperclassmen as leaders, but I think the young group we do have has done a great job. From my perspective, It’s challenging, honestly, because I don’t want this season to end. I’ve definitely been trying to stay in the mindset of taking each day at a time and just enjoying each day that I have out here. I don’t want it to end and I don’t want to leave with any regrets.

Compare how you were feeling a year ago with no competition to today where you are out playing in tournaments again?

There is a lot of gratitude, that’s for sure. We’re super lucky to be out there playing again and I’m also really thankful that I get to be playing my senior season. I really want to end with a strong finish, that’s for sure. We try to have the mentality of stepping out on the course and just being thankful for every shot and every opportunity we have out there.

You all had one of your first tournaments back canceled due to weather? How do you handle situations that are out of your control like the pandemic or even something simple like the weather?

I think a lot of us wanted to go back out there and prove ourselves, especially for myself, I didn’t play well those first few days of that tournament. So I was excited to turn the page and get going again. In the end, it’s something we have experienced before. COVID was definitely one of the harder adversities we have faced, but now going into tournaments, we are hoping we have good weather and that we’re going to be playing the two days. That needs to be our mindset.

Where have you seen your golf game grow over your years at NDSU?

I would definitely say my mental game. Golf is a game of mentality and just learning how to stay positive, even in the bad shots and hard rounds is a challenge. Staying focused when we’re out there is a big key to success. Some of it is a matter of perspective, too. I know one shot isn’t gonna ruin my whole game and I try not to get down on myself. If I let one shot dictate my game, then I know it will be a struggle. When I’m going out and playing, I’m just so thankful for all of it. Every shot over the last four years has been special. I know that when golf is over, it will be sad and difficult for me personally. So keeping a positive attitude is big too.

As a senior, have you found yourself savoring the little moments with your teammates more than say your freshman year?

I’m definitely been appreciating every moment. I’m really thankful for our team over these four years and that our team chemistry has been awesome. We’re more than just teammates. We’re like best friends out there. So that’s something that I’m really thankful for, for having these lifelong friends.

Alexis Thomas
Hometown: Middleton, Wis.

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The Bison Bunch
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