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SHAC: Fueling the Elite Division I Athlete

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NDSU’s state-of-the-art fueling station will enhance the returns from a hard workout.

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The Gate City Bank fueling station will be one of the last things finished inside the SHAC. In the meantime, student-athletes will take food and beverages from the lobby area of the weight room. Fresh produce is always stocked, along with fixings for sandwiches and sports and recovery drinks. Eventually, the fueling station will have all the appliances needed to prepare pre and post workout food. It’s Matt Larsen’s goal to hire a full-time nutritionist to run the fueling station and educate student athletes on what they should or shouldn’t put into their bodies. The nutritionist will have an office connected to the fueling station and will be responsible for stocking the kitchen. Right now, various assistant coaches are responsible for keeping the fueling station running smoothly. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how can NDSU afford a separate cafeteria and is it allowed under NCAA rules? Yes, the NCAA passed a rule a couple years ago to provide additional “snacks” for student athletes. Coca-Cola won the bid to hydrate the SHAC, so they will provide beverages while the food comes from the advantageous trade deals NDSU has with various providers in the Fargo area.


Sanford Health Athletic Complex Fueling Station
The wrestling team fuels up on clean food after another tough workout.

“Now we’re allowed to not only just provide a meal plan, we can provide unlimited meals. … Yogurt, banana, string cheese, whatever it is. At our level, there aren’t a lot of FCS programs that have this nice of a fueling station. It’s nice.” – Matt Larsen, NDSU Director of Athletics

Sanford Health Athletic Complex Fueling Station
Bananas, nuts and everything else the student-athletes need after Friday's workout.
  • The fueling station isn’t complete yet, but Gate City Bank has sponsored the area for the mini cafeteria inside the SHAC.
  • Coca-cola won the bid for the beverages provided inside the SHAC. That means athletes will be using Powerade to rehydrate and get their electrolytes.
  • The fueling station wasn’t in the original plans for the SHAC. After the renovation began, Larsen and the strength and conditioning staff decided to make it happen.
Sanford Health Athletic Complex
Gate City Bank has sponsored the fueling station which will be complete within the next month.
SHAC: Fueling the Elite Division I Athlete
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