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SHAC: Entrance of Champions

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The new north and south entrances will keep the Bison fans warm.

Front Porch


There will be a pair of entrances for Bison fans on game day. The south entrance is connected to the parking lot and will see more traffic. For this, NDSU has decided to keep their main ticket office on the south end. There will be three offices behind the glass. Football tickets will continue to be sold at the Fargodome for the rest of the year. A small but important feature of the entrances will have that the Bison Sports Arena didn’t have is the double doors in the entrances. The double doors will allow heat to remain in the building. During the BSA days, the temperature in the arena would drop noticeably due to door traffic. In the south lobby, the Bison Athletic Hall of Fame will be on display along with the five FCS National Championship trophies. Advent, a design company out of Tennessee, will have Bison art pieces decorated along the bare walls.

The Shac South Lobby Entrance Wall
The Shac South Lobby Entrance Wall

“NDSU’s success and our region’s vitality mean the success of Sanford – all boats rise together. Investing in academic institutions allows us to collaborate with other fine organizations that have the same goals of bettering our communities by looking to the future. Athletic venues provide an economic impact to area schools and the community. The students who graduate from these local educational institutions go on to become active members of our community’s workforce. They become our future employees, and those who become part of our Sanford family are our future medical professionals and leaders.” – Paul Richards, Sanford Fargo Executive Vice President

North Lobby Entrance Shac NDSU
North Lobby Entrance
  • Advent has sent over some of the branding NDSU will put on the walls inside the SHAC. This one of former Bison basketball player Ben Woodside will take Bison fans back to the time the senior hit the game-winning shot of the 2009 Summit League Tournament to send NDSU to its first NCAA Tournament.
  • The main ticket box office will be to the right of the south entrance. The staff moves in later this month, but football sales will still be in the Fargodome.
  • The south lobby is 4,000 square feet.
Ticket Office Windows NDSU Shac
Ticket Office Windows
SHAC: Entrance of Champions
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