The Returners: Ty Brooks

What was junior running back Ty Brooks’ favorite Frisco moment this time around? How does he feel about next year’s team? Find out here.

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Photo By Hillary Ehlen

#28 Ty Brooks

Running Back
178 pounds
Hometown: Fargo, N.D.
Major: Psychology


104 carries
737 rushing yards
5 touchdowns


Your favorite Frisco moment this year was…

This time down in Frisco, since we’ve been there before, I just tried to take it all in. That was the last time we were all going to be together. The barbecue bowl that we had, just trying to enjoy that moment with everyone.

Coach Roehl was not your position coach, but he is a former running back himself. How jacked are you for him?

That’s my guy. I love Coach Roehl. I didn’t really want anybody else to become the offensive coordinator. I’m really glad he got it.

People may think just because Bruce and Lance are gone that the running back room might take a step back. However, all the guys coming back have gotten carries. What do you like out of that room next year?

Everybody has played, so it’s not going to be like everyone is bright-eyed, not knowing what to expect. We know what everyone is capable of, so we’re not really losing anything, I feel like we’re just reloading like we always do at NDSU.

Coach Entz has made a concerted effort to reach out to the offensive players. How important is that for you as an offensive guy?

Before he became the head coach, we’d talk at practice and not really outside of practice. It’s come full circle now; he’s reached out to all of us and you can tell he’s really made an effort to get to know his people.

The Returners: Ty Brooks
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