Bison Football: Back To Work

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#8 Zeb Noland

What’s been the biggest challenges for you over the last few months?

I think for me it is just making sure my body’s ready to go. It’s going to be a long year and just staying healthy and being primed up ready to go from the start is important. On the mental aspect of it, it’s just staying locked in every day. Even if it’s a simple walkthrough or something that doesn’t seem very important, it actually is important, because it does matter come February 21.


How advantageous has it been for you to be with this program for a few years now that you’re stepping into this new role under center?

First off, just learning what Bison Pride is all about. Learning what it means to play here, buying in and knowing your role, no matter what it may be. Whether you’re the starter or the 10th guy that gets on the field, it’s important to know your role and accept it. I just want to have pride every day and doing the right thing.

Offensively, it’s probably as complex as anybody in the country, FCS or FBS. It was important to have all that experience and leading up to that last game with Trey [Lance], we attacked it the same way, no matter what. It’s just going to be a good carryover. It’s not like I just got here and I gotta learn how to prepare to play for this offense. I know exactly what it takes and know how much detail goes into it.

How much accountability have you taken in becoming a leader within the offense, not just in the quarterback room, but just offense as a whole?

Making sure that every day we’re locked in on offense. One of our goals is to eliminate pre-snap penalties. It’s important every day to take pride in that and be the leader that can help accomplish that goal. It has been tough the last couple of months, but it’s fun to be around.

A few new names are going to have to step up and how have you gone about formulating good chemistry with those guys?

One thing that was good about being the backup last year was I got to deal with some of the guys who are going to step into those roles. They have heard my voice, and we’ve been there together a lot over the last two years. We’ve been able to practice a lot together. That helps to have that and then just step in there.

Has it been easy formulating chemistry with the wide receivers and tight ends?

It is nice that those guys have a big personality and they’re easy to talk to. Even when I wasn’t playing it was fun to be around them. It’s nice having a group of guys that have been together and we had all fall to really get to know each other. There’s never really much downtime.

If you could put into words how excited you are to finally get on the field and hopefully get into a full regiment, what would they be?

We started like two weeks after last year’s title game. It felt like we haven’t really slowed down with our workouts over summer even though we had that one game we never got into the real routine. We miss it to this day just because we weren’t able to be with each other every day. It’s going to be nice to have a routine because not having something to look forward to is tough right now. It feels like it’s endless.

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Bison Football: Back To Work
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