Bison Football: Back To Work

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#7 Josh Hayes

What have been some of the biggest challenges for you over the course of the last three, four months now, since the last time you guys did play?

For me, it’s really just the routine of things. Playing here for three seasons and now going into my fourth, and things just kind of shut down for a while there. This school is very detail-oriented with everything down to the minute. Having to be able to fluctuate and move and be flexible with things was honestly the hardest thing. It has just been hard to stay focused and keeping our eyes on the task at hand.


How much accountability have you taken upon yourself to help the fellow defensive backs in the room through this time?

I’ve tried to put everybody on my back in a sense. Just try to help everybody in one way, shape or form to help them develop and grow. I take it personally when guys mess up. I’ve taken it really personally, I think I’ve definitely stepped up in my leadership role due to the whole pandemic and everything.

Where have you seen some points of improvement in your game? And where do you want to be in this upcoming season?

I just want to continue to grow with becoming detail-oriented. The smallest things can help equate to the biggest plays on the field, especially when it comes to defense. Just working on being more detail- oriented and paying attention to the smaller things.

As an older guy, have you taken just the little things a little bit more seriously and cherished those moments?

These are my brothers and being around them for the past four years, we’ve grown together, we’ve learned about each other. I really have cherished these last few months. With me, I’m getting close to ending my career and it is coming to the end of those things. I’ve really been able to step back and use the time that we’ve been given to cherish those relationships and keep building on them.

If you had to put it into words, how do you think you’re going to feel when you step back on the field this season?

Excited wouldn’t even be the word. Being off for this past season probably felt like the longest couple of months. Being able to really get back into the groove of things, even if it is just an eight-game schedule, is great. That’s just going to be nice to be back to playing football, how we normally would.

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Bison Football: Back To Work
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