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BI For Kids: Kelby Anderson And Dedication

Junior distance runner Kelby Anderson goes the extra mile thanks to her dedication to running and academics.

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Photo By Nolan P. Schmidt

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you must remain dedicated. Being dedicated (and remaining dedicated) is a key gauge of success in many circles. Without it, there would be no room for improvement in anything you do. If you want to be the best, you must remain dedicated to your sport of choice.


Kelby Anderson is dedicated to running. One of NDSU’s most successful distance runners in both cross country and track & field, Anderson’s dedication to running has put her on some of the sports biggest stages. As just a junior, she has already become a Summit League champion in cross country and has three conference titles to her name in track & field.

Yet, running is not the only thing on Anderson’s mind and it is not the only thing she is dedicated to succeeding in. The Bismarck native is often regarded as a top scholar and her appearances on the Summit League’s Academic All-League team only confirm that. With a challenging major on her plate, time management has allowed Anderson to thrive.

There is still much to be accomplished in Anderson’s athletic career at North Dakota State. She is poised to set school records and win more conference titles as the years go on. Without her drive and dedication to the sport and her academics, none of the goals she has set will come to fruition.

Definition: Dedication – The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.


Which qualities would you say are key to being successful at North Dakota State?

Positivity, passion, dedication, preparation and time management.

Why did you choose those qualities in particular?

It’s always important to lead a positive life especially during the winter months in Fargo. Passion is an important quality that motivates and drives me to perform to my best ability. Dedication is important to keep doing my best work even when it gets hard. Preparation is the key to being a successful athlete at NDSU. It’s the preparation that determines the success of a championship season. Time management is an important skill for balancing school and athletics.

Out of those traits, which do YOU embody the most and why?

Dedication is the quality that most embodies who I am. This is because I care about how I do in school and how I do on the track. I set goals and I work hard for what I want to achieve even when it get hard.

How do you embody these qualities in the field of competition?

Positively, passion, preparation, dedication and time management are all important qualities for competition. However, preparation is one of the most important quality, in my opinion, for competition. Preparation Is just hard work put in before racing even begins. Preparation requires dedication by working hard even when no one is watching and by working hard even when it get hard. Preparation requires passion to motivate a person to put in effort and time for their goals. Passion is simply caring about your goals and be willing to work hard for them.

How do you embody these qualities away from the field of competition?

Time management and positivity are the two qualities it is important to embody away from the competition. Positivity is important to have self-confidence and inner strength. Time management is important for getting good grades in school.

What is the best piece of advice you have received in your time on campus?

Keep going #KG

In a few sentences, what would be your advice to young kids who strive to one day become Bison student-athletes?

My advice would be to make reasonable goals and work hard for those goals. Completion always comes with highs and lows so never lose your passion and drive for the things you want to achieve.

BI For Kids: Kelby Anderson And Dedication
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